Chipman’s African Adventure – a novel by Jim Anderson. It is 1972, post-colonial Africa, a fishing village in an imagined country called Bomzawe.

CHIPMAN’S AFRICAN ADVENTURE by Jim Anderson. Valentine Press. page_id=1768

Alcoholic government lawyer, Chipman Smith, feels disgraced when a voyeuristic obsession with his suave and handsome boss is revealed. Banished from Australia to get himself sorted rather than sacked, he washes up on a remote paradisical beach in West Africa. A node on the hippie trails. Ensnared by the dancing Dr. Sanguini, a somewhat sinister Sydney psychotherapist, the chuggalugging Chipman is confronted with much more than his drinking problem. The increasingly bizarre rituals that Sanguini puts him through are more carnivalesque than curative. They are undeniably life-changing. But for the better?
Chipman’s African Adventure is an exuberant, rollicking narrative, a cautionary tale spiked with wit and charmingly indiscreet sexual transgressions, both gay and straight. Many moral and ethical dilemmas are encountered in this tragi-comic drama of love and loss.
Jim Anderson’s first novel, Billarooby (Harper Collins 1989) was concerned with a 12 year old boy’s friendship with an escaped Japanese prisoner in the context of the Cowra Break-Out and massacre, but he is perhaps better known as one of the editors of London’s OZ Magazine, sent to jail after the infamous Conspiracy/Obscenity Trial in the early70s.
Lavender Bay artist, Peter Kingston, has contributed 11 line drawings.
Chipman’s African Adventure is available in selected bookstores and online as hard copy or as an ebook via the Valentine Press link above.